We have ushered in a new project where we have identified at-risk children in Hinche, Haiti. All of these children are in desperate need of the most basic of needs.

Our goal is to make an effectual change in each of these children’s lives by providing care in the form of:

Medical Care

Food and Clothing Assistance

Schooling and School Needs

Please consider sponsoring one of the children below. A sponsorship is $30 per month. We will provide regular updates on your selected child’s progress and also provide you avenues to send “care” packages as you feel compelled.

101 Kervens Joseph

Born in 2007, with his actual birthday unknown, Kerven lives with his father, mother, brother and 3 other people in a small tin roofed house with dirt floors. The home has holes in the walls and the roof. Typically the floors are muddy, especially in the rainy season. He sleeps in a twin bed shared with his brother and one of the other children. Kervens lives in terribly unsanitary conditions, relieves himself in an outhouse and takes a bath outside using buckets and containers. There is no running water or electricity in the home so the family has to carry water in buckets. Kervens family has a small garden from which they get their food. The family has no source of income and sustains itself on what they produce in their garden. Kerven does not attend school and does not have any books or school supplies. He also appears to have some health problems and is underweight. He is need of a medical exam and possible treatment.

101 Joseph Kervens

102 Youkender Joseph

Youkender Joseph is a ten year old boy who appears very small for his age. He does not know the date he was born but knows he was born in 2009. He lives with his parents, brother and 3 other people that they have taken in. Their house has holes in the walls, a mud floor and a tin roof. When it rains, everything and everyone gets wet. The mud floors get muddier. He shares a twin bed with two other children. Youkender uses the bathroom outside. He also takes a bath outside with a bucket of cold water. There is no running water or electricity in the home so the family has to carry water in buckets. His family has no source of income. They have a small garden where they grow some food.  Youkender has never attended school and cannot read or write. He also has never seen a doctor.

102 Youkender Joseph